Amir Radfar – President & CEO

Amir Radfar is an operations master with many years of executive management experience from all over the hospitality world.

Amir received his degree in business management and soon found himself wanting to design and build a corporation that has value, pride, and it opened up unlimited opportunities. His passion was building a corporation that had a drive on building the economy; yet, created a name that would stand out to any opportunity.

Amir founded Elitee Enterprises in 2012 after receiving his real estate license and wanting to really expend the option into the real estate field to create a name that would open up everyone’s eyes in the development world. Amir’s passion is the real estate life waking up every day excited to work knowing that he’s creating a home for someone to enjoy and love. He believes you have to have pride and passion in what you do and having that will make the difference.

Joel Stephanian – Executive Vice President & COO

Joel Stephanian is the creative master mind. He is a results-driven young professional with a background in customer service, insurance claims, disaster loss, furniture, cabinet refinishing and millwork.

Joel has experience with being in a challenging leadership position while applying creative problem solving and management skills with a growing company.

Joel joined Elitee Enterprises knowing that he could make a difference with applying his professional experience in designing and balancing it with his passion in real estate development.


Keith George – Executive Vice President & Secretary

Keith George was born in New England and grew up on Cape Cod living with his Parents and Sister.

He worked with his father from a young age landscaping, house painting and tree work. To this day he is the only person known who could operate a Backhoe at the age of 10.

At age 17 he was traveling from Cape Cod to Boston performing Stand Up Comedy at some of the most well know clubs in Boston.  Overall, the jobs he had during his teens and early 20’s makes one of the most eclectic resumes around, having had jobs from Landscaping and working on a Blue Fishing Boat, to driving Limousines and being the host of a weekly Comedy Show.

At the age of 23 he started classes In Boston Ma for Muscular Therapy, and after graduating in June of 1999 he moved to Fairfax, Virginia to work in the Alternative Therapy field.  After a few years he decided to change careers and started to work in the Computer Technology field.  Since 2003 he has worked at the US Navy Annex and Pentagon before taking a job with General Dynamics providing support to the Department of Justice where he has continued to work for the past thirteen years.

Keith joined Elitee Enterprises in 2015 with the passion of growing an empire. He believes that true leadership and teamwork is the path to success.



Hani Akil – Executive Vice President of Operation

Hani Akil joined Elitee Enterprises in 2015 with having a huge passion in the real estate investment world.

He has many years of operation experience and really knows all the details into project management. Hani has many roles which make him a huge asset to this team but his man role focuses on project operations.

Hani is the go to man to ensure all projects are being completed in the proper manner and within budget. He also focuses on making sure all projects come out with the best outcome on a consistent bases.



Tony Radfar – Controller

Tony Radfar was offered the Controller position for Elitee Enterprises in 2014 due to his 30+ years of financial and accounting experience.

Tony has done it all and is one of the biggest assets for Elitee Enterprises. He understands every fact there is in the accounting world and utilizes it in ensuring all aspects of the financial field are organized for this organization.